AIV: Autonomous intelligent vehicle

Autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs) are increasingly being integrated by companies into their organization for transporting products. The latest generation mobile robot (AIV) moves itself autonomously through a space, even when there are constant movements of forklifts and people. It is a method to work faster, error-free and cheaper.
Robot AIV 768x576 - AIV: autonomous intelligent vehicles

AIV Mobiele robots

AIVs are ideally suited for the automatic transport of products and do not require any special, expensive and time-consuming adjustments to the infrastructure. AIVs drive autonomously through the space without a track. The throughput speed is increased and employees can focus on work that requires human skills.

fleet img - AIV: autonomous intelligent vehicles

Opportunities & benefits:

  • No need to pre-program path
  • Self-mapping with on-board PC

Enterprise Manager is a network appliance that provides coordination of mobile robots while providing traceability, job allocation and traffic control across the entire fleet.

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