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UPDATE: Sorting machine commissioned at Yodel, United Kingdom

UPDATE: Sorting machine commissioned at Yodel, United Kingdom! Yodel partners with Hexapole to deliver improved small parcel sorting for its Shaw Sortation Centre, Oldham. Meeting demand for online retail Yodel has partnered with Hexapole, a specialist sortation company based in the Netherlands, to optimise sorting capability for small parcels at their Shaw sortation centre in […]

Yodel kiest voor sorteersysteem van Hexapole!

Yodel chooses Hexapole’s sorting system!

Yodel chooses Hexapole’s sorting system! The British Yodel (Yodel Delivery Network Ltd) has opted for a sorting system – machine and software – from Hexapole for its National Distribution Center in Shaw, near Manchaster. Yodel is one of the UK’s largest parcel carriers. Every day, tens of thousands of parcels of all shapes and sizes […]

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Hexapole and DLS join forces

Hexapole and DLS join forces A year and a half ago, Hexapole Sorting Systems cooperated for the first time with DLS from Doetinchem, a specialist in the development of automated order picking systems and roller conveyors. Software meets hardware. Two companies with each over twenty years of experience in industrial logistics. Sjoerd Otten from DLS […]


Hexapole provides full software control for mechanization

Hexapole can provide full software control for a large mechanization project at an import / export company in Brabant. Optimize logistics and goods flow? Discover ORM! A large import / export company in Brabant recently opted for the Order Release Module (ORM) from our cooperation partner DLS to further optimize the flow of goods. DLS […]


How mobile robots put Hexapole to work

How mobile robots put Hexapole to work More and more companies and institutions are seeing the benefits and are integrating mobile robots into their organization. From a business point of view understandable. It is a method to work faster, error-free and cheaper. The newest generation mobile robot (Automated Intelligent Vehicles – AIV) moves autonomously through spaces, even […]

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Encoding 60,000 words for children with dyslexia

Encoding 60,000 words for children with dyslexia The word ‘automation’ may perhaps invoke images of computer­controlled machines and high-tech equipment. And of logistical processes that transport products smoothly from a to b, or that make sure that raw materials are accurately processed to the millimetre. And these, indeed, are topics that Hexapole Automatisering often deals […]

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25 years of Hexapole

Hexapole Automatisering: in 25 years from custom software to tailormade cloud solutions For  one year now, Hexapole Automatisering has been flourishing under one director, 36 year old Bas Bloemink. En this is actually quite remarkable, considering the fact that back in 1994 Hexapole started out as a partnership with six partners. Cees Brockhus was the […]


Hexapole tilt afvalinzameling naar hoger niveau.

Hexapole tilt afvalinzameling naar hoger niveau Na maanden van voorbereiding delen we nu trots een mooie, nieuwe samenwerking; Spaarnelanden gaat in de gemeente Haarlem afvalinzameling naar een hoger niveau tillen met software van Hexapole! Spaarnelanden is een integraal onderhoudsbedrijf, dat zorgt voor een prettig leefbare en goed bereikbare openbare ruimte in Haarlem en omgeving. Hexapole […]


Hernieuwde samenwerking met Danieli Corus

Hexapole mag wederom werken voor Danieli Corus, IJmuiden. Danieli Corus maakt o.a. softwaresystemen op maat voor hoogovens én de staalproductie. Hexapole biedt sinds deze maand tot naar verwachting einde van het jaar ondersteuning voor de ontwikkeling van deze softwaresystemen. Onze relatie met Danieli Corus gaat al meer dan 10 jaar terug. Hexapole heeft toentertijd software […]


Duitsers ontdekken ook de iStressChecker

Duitsland ontdekt dat digitalisering kan helpen om een ontspanner en gezonder leven te leiden. In het blad Emotion verteld Miriam Böndel hoe zij de iStresscheker ontwikkeld door Hexapole getest heeft. 3 weken lang start ze iedere dag met het ingeven van data en het beantwoorden van vragen. Miriam Böndel komt tot de conclusie dat ze […]