Raad van Beheer – Stamboek Online – (Dogbreeds Data)

Kynology describes everything that has to do with the relations between dogs and people.

The Raad van Beheer is the umbrella of kynology in the Netherlands. The association releases a report yearly which includes all information about registered dogs, their race, nest and breeder.

Since 2003, Hexapole provides the Stamboek software, it started by providing the software on CD which The Raad van Beheer in turn delivered it to their registered clients on 500 CDs, and each year a new digital book came out.
Later on the software was made available via the cloud as a web application which led to cost saving and much better performance. It can be viewed via the websitehttp://stamboek.houdenvanhonden.nl

The website was developed by Hexapole using ASP.NET, with a database in the background which provides and displays the data on the website based on the user’s search query.

In Stamboek the user can get in a blink a summary of dogs nest or a single dog, using many search filters. This can provide dog-lovers (private of professional breeders) a treasure of information.