HexaTeller: a revolutionary optical counter

HexaTeller, or “Pink Counter” is an optical monitoring unit, originally developed for the counting of flower bulbs, but easily customizable for other implementations.   The unit was developed in collaboration with Pink Innovation (www.pinkinnovation.nl), and was tested on a variety of machines. HexaTeller counts a stream of objects passing by at high speed with great precision over the full width of the stream.

HexaTeller forms the basis for a variety of applications and can easily be customized to the needs and desires of the client.

The unit can be built into existing machinery or can be integrated into new equipment. When integrated with Pink Innovation’s equipment, HexaTeller can interact with the operation of the planter or topper, allowing for visual display of machine settings on the counter’s monitor.

Application: as a bulb counter on lily or tulip planters or filling lines

By deploying the unit on different machines throughout the year, HexaTeller can be used in the bulb cultivation industry during a large part of the year. HexaTeller counts the bulbs during the planting process, ensuring an optimal distribution over the seedbed.

HexaTeller unit can be placed on any existing planting machine, and will count flower bulbs across the full width of the planting range. Counting across the full breadth of the stream results in greater precision than alternative methods involving counting of a narrower stream and extrapolating to the full stream.

HexaTeller allows the operator to retain full view of the transport system. If desired, the supply stream can be controlled by HexaTeller, ensuring better distribution through automation.   HexaTeller can display ratios (average number of bulbs per or meter , etc.) and operate the controls.

Owing to its unique design, HexaTeller is virtually unaffected by dirt or dust that might otherwise cause counting errors.

The system is delivered with a full-color touch screen, displaying various data:

  • number of bulbs per foot or meter
  • number of bulbs per bed
  • percentage distribution over the width of the bed
  • total number of bulbs planted
  • speed of the planter
  • planted surface
  • etc., etc.

Application: counting bulbs while filling boxes and small packages

During the drop off the conveyor belt.

The operation of the buffer valves can be integrated in the HexaTeller unit.

Application: adjusting the height on a topping machine

To determine topping height on an automatic topper:

  • HexaTeller detects the tops of the flowers and corrects the position of the pinion. After the desired topping height is selected, the pinion maintains this value and follows the undulations of the bed.

This precise determination of the topper’s height allows one to top slower-growing flowers one to two weeks later, without cutting stems that have been topped before.