MyLaps measurement software

Mylaps delivers measurement and detection devices used at athletic events to track participants’ locations with accuracy and to measure individual results.

Traditionally, these devices have been used at running events, but they are now being used for other sports, such as ice skating and bicycle races as well.

Every participant can be traced individually through the use of an RFID transponder: a tiny receiver and transmitter with an individual code that can be recognized by the measurement system.  Runners simply attach the transponder to a shoe.

Hexapole has developed and is managing a number of specific applications that allow the issuing of tags to take place virtually automatically.  The administrative processing (including the processing of payments) happens automatically and is communicated to Mylaps’s back-office system.  These applications are used by Mylaps at locations worldwide to deliver RFID transponders quickly and accurately to athletes and event organizers alike, as well as to provide maintenance and repair services.

We design, build, and text expansions and other functional changes to the applications on a regular basis, at Mylaps’s request.