Cloud solutions

Hexapole offers cloud solutions for all companies and enterprises. We can design virtual workplaces in the cloud for your company as well, allowing each individual employee to work from any location with his or her files, email, data and software.

A workplace in the cloud

Such a virtual workplace is made up of a Windows Desktop that is accessible anytime and anywhere via the Internet. Your employees log on through our portal (website) and have immediate access to their own desktop, email, agenda and documents. The workplace in the cloud is a full replacement of a regular local workplace: without the expensive servers and licenses. When you have your cloud environment designed by Hexapole, you will pay a fixed fee per month. You will select the most appropriate package and enjoy the advantages of our all-in support service. Read more about a workplace in the cloud

Full Virtual Private Server

Would you like to have a cloud server that has been designed completely to your requirements? Then let Hexapole implement the Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) in your company. These servers can be used for a wide range of applications. These include the following:

  • Database servers: heavy proprietary applications with a database
  • Cash register servers: one central cash register server for companies working from multiple branches. Instead of at HQ, the server is now located in the cloud.
  • Mail servers: companies who have their own mail server can host this outside the office, in de cloud.
  • Web applications: web applications, with or without a database, can be hosted on your own Virtual Private Server.

When you choose for Hexapole, you will know for sure that you will not have to worry about the management and matter related to security: we will take this off your hands completely. Thereby allowing you to spend your time on things that really matter in your company. Read more about a Full Virtual Private Server

Remote back-up

Besides workplaces in the cloud and full virtual private servers, we have other custom cloud solutions. Such as remote back-up, Hosted Exchange and Mail Server Migration. The online remote back-up, in the cloud, is more secure than a back-up on a local server. When you store your data on a disk or on another drive, there is still a chance that this may be lost as a result of for instance theft, breakage, or fire. Cloud storage means that your company data will always be stored securely. When you decide to have the remote back-up of your company data done by Hexapole, you no longer have to worry about it. The process is completely automated, and will safeguard your data every day at a fixed hour. Read more about remote backup

Hosted Exchange

With Hosted Exchange from Hexapole your mail server will become accessible anytime and anywhere, and will become easier to share with employees and colleagues. Irrespective of whether you are working on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC. You yourself will no longer have to worry about purchasing and licensing costs, or maintenance. That will all be taken care of by us. Read more about Hosted Exchange

Mail server migration

Besides this, Hexapole can also completely move the current, maybe outdated local mail server to the cloud. It will work faster and easier, and is more secure. And it is also more inexpensive, for after the migration to the cloud there is no longer a need to invest in the purchase and maintenance of a new mail server. And there is no need to worry, during the migration the domain name is maintained and no emails, contacts or agenda items will be lost. Read more about mailserver migration

Transparent costs with a cloud solution from Hexapole

When you decide to use a cloud solution from Hexapole, you know for sure that you will never be presented with unpleasant surprises. Because it is a secure and efficient manner of working, but also because you only pay for what you use. Usually this will be a fixed fee per month. Have you become curious about what we can mean for you? Do contact us without obligation at +31 (0) 251 21 66 11 (landline), we will be pleased to discuss how we can help you.

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Cloud solutions

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