Container Management System

The Container Management System developed by Hexapole lifts waste collection to a higher level. We develop and implement a custom Container Management System (CMS) for optimal collection of waste from underground containers. Due to the user friendly and clear accompanying online platform, the technical data and maintenance history are easily accessible at any moment.

All different systems under one roof

The Hexapole Container Management System consists of a standardised core, which by means of custom solutions is made fitting for your company. The systems actually acts as a kind of shell that covers all the other systems, to bring and hold them together. A container landscape usually consists of a number of containers and sensors of different suppliers, each using their own system. We make custom links between these systems, thereby creating one streamlined integral system, with a uniform interface to the user.

Collection and shipping containers

The standardised core of our Container Management System consists of a dashboard and registration of tests, inspections and repairs.

Especially for collection containers, there are modules for waste collection optimisation. By loading information directly from the underground containers’ management system themselves, and combining this with static graphics and sensor information, every day a planning can be made on the basis of the fill rate.

For shipping container with have many movements between different locations, it is important to gain insight into the location of the containers. Tracking shipping containers can take place through RFID tags or GPS systems. These systems can be linked to the CMS so that the dashboard will display the current container location.


Due to our custom solutions, the Container Management System will be made exactly fitting with the company’s work process. It is important to know that we do not impose any working practice. In mutual consultation we will design the system to your every wish, clear and user-friendly for all users.

A fitting Container Management System

Have you become curious about Hexapole’s Container Management System? Please do contact us free from obligations at +31 (0)251 21 24 84 (landline). We look forward to talking to you, and discussing how we can help your company.