ICT Network management

A good network administrator makes sure that you and your staff have nothing to worry about all matters relating to ICT. Hexapole is this very network administrator who ensures that any issues in the system have already been solved before you even notice them, that all network connections are secure, and that your entire ICT environment is up to date. We have been doing this for almost 25 years, for a large number of medium-sized enterprises and small businesses. And we would also like to do it for you.

Our services

The things we as ICT network administrator can take off your hands we are pleased to list. We can do the following for your company:

  • …install and configure the entire network;
  • …check the servers manually on a daily basis;
  • …via automatic sensors continuously monitor the computer network to identify problems;
  • …periodically review parts, install upgrades, carry out repairs, optimize settings, and implement preventive measures;
  • …make the network and the use of the network in the company (more) secure;
  • …secure company data by setting up a daily backup, and restore any damaged vital data.

ICT Security

An increasing number of matters are being dealt with online. Convenient, but at the same time your business data are becoming more vulnerable. As your network administrator, Hexapole is always one step ahead of any problem. By means of a Security Scan we trace the weak spots in your ICT environment, so we can subsequently secure them. The Hexapole Endpoint Security package contains various modules to ward off malicious software such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware. The package, for instance, contains Antivirus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware modules. It means an all-in-one solution for your company, for a clear fee per year. Hexapole taking care of the management and the monitoring 24/7 is included. Read more


A firewall is a crucial part of your network to protect company data. This security ensures that you and your staff can connect to the Internet in a secure manner at all times. With Hexapole’s Managed Firewall Service you do not need to worry about harmful external influences on your network and data. We also take care of the management and monitoring, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This is essential for the protection of your company network. Moreover, Hexapole can provide a more secure and more controlled access from the outside, which means that working from home or on location do not present any risks. This can, for instance, be achieved by means of a VPN, a Virtual Private Network. With it, your staff will have access to all software programmes and files they need to access, and it will be only your staff. Nobody else. Read more


Making a back-up is important, every entrepreneur knows this. But where do you store your data? And will these data also outside the office walls be protected from fire or theft? How quickly can you go back in case of an emergency, and how far back do you want to be able to go? Hexapole helps you to answer these questions. A back-up that has been done by Hexapole means that every single day a fully automated process is set in motion to safeguard your company data, in a way that suits your company best. Read more


Small budget? Limited business space? When it is not convenient for your company to have several servers and machines running in the workplace, virtualization may well be the answer. Virtualisation means that multiple operating systems are running together on one central computer. Hexapole has extensive knowledge about and experience with virtualisation, and would be pleased to also design your virtual environment. We work with VMware, a reliable system that is easy to use. Because of the attractive licence model, the first offering will in general suffice, which for you of course is attractive. Read more

Internet Terrestrial Transmission

Do you work from two separate buildings? Or would you like to make the company network available at a temporary location? An Internet Terrestrial Transmission provides a solution. Hexapole connects different offices with each other by means of a powerful transmitter. Read more

Hexapole is your ICT Network administrator

Hexapole would be pleased to take your complete ICT management off your hands. Contact us without obligation at +31 (0) 251 212 484 (landline) to find out more about our services. We will be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you. Read more