Back-up by Hexapole

Backup from Hexapole

Backup is one of the most important elements to business continuity, which should be perfectly configured and monitored.

Backup is more than saving your data twice or making a replica of your files. When you’re looking for a good backup plan you will need to consider many aspects, e.g. where will you be saving your data? Will you also make a replica of your data and store it outside your premises? How fast can you restore your data if needed? How many backup retentions do you want to keep? All those questions need to be answered before deploying a good backup plan.

Fully automated backup

Backup plans designed by Hexapole are fully automated processes that runs every day on a specific pre-planned schedule, you can also choose to run it more than once per day.

Custom jobs

To design a backup plan that fits your business we will discuss the contents and the way you want this plan to be executed, in another words we will discuss what’s important for your business.
Every company is unique and with unique needs, Hexapole can design backup plans that fits your business based on your company’s needs and strategies:

  • Starting from 10GB Backup space.
  • As many retention points as needed.
  • All kinds of files and extensions.
  • SQL databases
  • Mailservers

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