Firewall / Security

Firewall security is an essential element in network to insure safe traffic to and from the internet, without it your network will face the risk of external intrusions. The managed firewall service from Hexapole insures optimal security: not only protecting your network and data from external threats, but also insuring a safe and monitored remote access, for example working from home via VPN (Virtual Private Network) which grants your personnel a safe access to your network.

Firewall Management

To one-time configure a router is not enough, continuous and active management of a firewall is essential for optimal and safe working environment.

Firewall Certification

Smart malware –which keeps getting smarts- remains a serious threat to companies. For that Hexapole makes sure to help its personnel towards certification and maintaining up-to-date knowledge base.


With a managed firewall offered by Hexapole you have the ability to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Your personnel can login from multiple locations (e.g. home) and communicate with each other safely and establish safe access to the company’s data.

Custom Deployment

Hexapole can advise you about which firewall deployment is suitable for your network. We can install and configure a firewall with custom deployment, we make an analysis concerning your network and it’s safety and give an advice accordingly.

  • Installing and configuring Firewalls.
  • 7 x 24 support and monitoring.
  • Remote or –if needed- onsite support.
  • Always up-to-date internet security.

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