Terrestrial Transmission Internet

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Terrestrial Transmission allows one to establish a fast network or internet connection between two locations. Terrestrial Transmission is, for instance, suitable for connecting an existing office with a new one wirelessly. Terrestrial Transmission consists of several transmitters that jointly form a wireless bridge.

Terrestrial Transmission – How does it work?

Terrestrial Transmission operates with a very precise transmitter that transmits a powerful, concentrated beam that results in a connection that is comparable with a tangible cable.

Standard Wi-Fi equipment operates at 2.4 GHz. Hexapole provides Terrestrial Transmission at 5 GHz, a frequency that is less prone to  disruption. Moreover, the capacity that can be broadcast at the 5GHz is considerably higher. Besides, at 5 GHz a much wider range of channels is available. All of this combined ensures a more stable signal.

Terrestrial Transmission – Equipment

This equipment allows for speeds up to 1,500 Mbit and bridging a distance of 10 kilometres.

A basic kit for a connection between two (office) buildings, covering a distance of 0.5 kilometres, with a speed of 300Mbit, is available already for € 700.-.

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Establishing Terrestrial Transmission Internet

In order to be able to establish a reliable a Terrestrial Transmission system, Hexapole will, prior to the actual installation, conduct a line-of-sight measurement. During this measurement, we check whether there aren’t any obstacles between the locations that must be connected and whether is it possible to establish a line-of-sight connection. It is possible, for instance, to establish a line-of-sight connection by placing the equipment in a mast on the rood.

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