Tight budget? Limited data-space? High energy bills? Spending too much on IT-Infrastructure maintenance?

The answer is Virtualization

Why run multi-physical servers each with a single running application when you can run everything on one physical server? One of the many advantages of virtualization is the ability to run multi operating systems on one physical server. The operating systems (each can be with own application) are completely separated from each other, if one fails the rest will keep on going.

Advantages of virtualization:

  • Saving costs which you usually spend on high energy bills and maintenance.
  • Central management.
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance.
  • Improves efficiency through utilization and automation, maximizes uptime and reduces unplanned downtime and eliminates planned downtime.
  • Helps organizations address challenges related to availability, scalability, optimization, management, application upgrade and cloud challenges.

Hexapole has a lot of experience with virtualization, mainly VMware: very reliable and can manage many virtual clusters -where the virtual machines run- at the same time. With the attractive license-model offered by VMware your business needs can be managed at low costs.

VCA DCV 300x271 - Virtualization

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