Are you looking for a committed ICT professional for your company, who can help you out for shorter or longer periods? Hexapole has seconded experienced ICT professionals for years. They work with great pleasure for very different companies both at home and abroad. With the technical and functional knowledge they possess, no ICT project is too far-fetched for them.

No HR responsibility

The advantages for you, besides being able to use the additional worker, are that you can only deploy the ICT professional when you need him and do not have any HR responsibility for him. And when the assignment comes to an end, or when you no longer need the additional worker, you can easily and free of charge let our ICT professional go.

Always a good match

For us the key priority is that you as our customer are happy about the work of our ICT professional. Not just where knowledge is concerned, we would also like the ICT professional to fit with your company. And this is where the soft skills come in. When we have the feeling that we just do not have the best candidate for a specific job available, we can rely on an extensive network of freelance professionals. This way, you know for sure that we will always be able to find the right match for you.

Fresh wind, new ideas

A fresh wind, and the exchange of new ideas, that is what happens during secondment. Our ICT professional will bring knowledge into your organisation from outside, and it may well be possible that you develop new insights together. In the first place, however, the arrival of our ICT professional will of course mean that an important part of your company’s workload is taken care of. And our ICT professionals themselves? They regard secondment as an enrichment of their work.

More information

Would you like to learn more about secondment of our ICT professionals? Then do quickly contact us free of obligation at +31 (0) 251 212 484 (landline) to discuss the possibilities. We will be pleased to review together with you what we can do to help you.