Accurate and Efficient Sortation

Your business is growing, the number of orders and the range of articles increases. Because of e-commerce and returns new kinds of flow of goods are created. Accurate and efficient sortation is of great importance.
Since 1993 Hexapole Sorting Systems is specialized in designing and manufacturing custom made sortation systems and related activities. Hexapole Sorting Systems is based in the Netherlands with a head office in Beverwijk.

Garments Sorting

The clothing industry has lately been subjected to significant changes. Inventories in shops have almost disappeared and also in the distribution centers only a small percentage of the new collection is being stored. Read more..

Hanging Garments Sorting

Especially for hanging garments Hexapole, entirely in-house, developed our Hanging Garments Sorter (HGS). Read more..

Parcels and Mail Sorting

In recent years, partly because of the increase in webshops, the market for package distribution has increased tremendously. For many years, Hexapole has taken care of sorting thousands of parcels every day for a large delivery service company in the United Kingdom. Read more..

Sorting Books

Within the book sector sorting systems have been used for years. Worldwide, for large book distribution companies, Hexapole has implemented automatic sortation solutions for optimal handling of books. Read more..

Sorting Collis

Sorting automatic packages; In the wholesale trade, automated processes have been used for years for sorting incoming pallets with packages from before automating the order collection process.  Read more ..

Software and IT

Our sorting solutions do not only consist of sorting machines. Just as important is the Sortation Software; sortation algorithms, clear and user friendly user interface, communication with the ERP or WMS and of course the software-based control of the actual sorting machine by use of a PLC. Read more..