Software and IT

Our sorting solutions do not only consist of sorting machines. Just as important is the Sortation Software; sortation algorithms, clear and user friendly user interface, communication with the ERP or WMS and of course the software-based control of the actual sorting machine by use of a PLC.
All our software carries a 12-month full guarantee from the time of handover.

Sortation Software (PC)
Hexapole has almost 25 years of experience in creating sortation software. Our Hexapole Standard Sortation Software consists of a solid basis to which customer specific modules can be added. Read more about Sortation Software (PC).

Machine Control Software (PLC)
In addition to the Sortation Software (PC), Hexapole also supplies the software-based control of the actual sorting machine (the PLC). Our Standard Sorting System Control Software is available for Siemand S7 as well as Beckhoff. Read more about Machine Control Software.

Hexapole has a fully certified network management division. As of this, Hexapole takes care of installing and maintaining the local ICT network around the sorting system. Read more about

Service and Maintenance
A Hexapole sorting system comes with a complete service level agreement. Herein we cover all required service and maintenance, tailored to your business. With a service level agreement you assure yourself with continuity. Read more about Service and Maintenance.

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