Machine-Control Software (PLC)

Besides the Sortation Software (PC), Hexapole delivers the complete machine-control software (PLC) of the sortation machine itself. Our standard sortation machine-control software is available for Siemens S7 and Beckhoff. We also have experience with B&R and Allen Bradley.

Our standard sortation machine-control software controls and manages the following components:

  • The sortation machine itself.
  • In- and outbound conveying systems.
  • Conveying systems for supplying the machine with empty boxes.
  • Automatic infeed conveyors.

Specially for hangers sortation machines:

  • Synchronized input spindle.
  • Hook separator.
  • Double hanger detection.

Safety System

Safety around the sortation machines delivered by Hexapole is of the utmost importance for us, after all that’s what the client expects and is stated in the law. Our sortation machines are delivered with extended safety system. We attend and care for the whole technical aspect and offer our services during the machine’s whole lifecycle. Our safety systems are always conform the international CE compliant.

Our Safety System is delivered with an extended SCADA system where you can find detailed information over the status of the machine and the Safety System. If a safety element becomes active the screen will clearly display which element it concerns and where to find it exactly in the machine, this will allow the operating personnel to quickly solve the problem and resume production.

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