Sortation Software (PC)

Hexapole has almost 25 years of experience in creating sortation software. Our Hexapole Standard Sortation Software consists of a solid basis to which customer specific modules can be added. For example a customer specific sortation algorithm that takes sales history and shop sizes into account.

Also the communication with the higher-level ERP or WMS system can be arranged according customer wishes. Communication can take place through one of the following techniques:

  • Shared database
  • TCP/IP messages
  • Individual files

For all the above we can use our standard modules and make changes according to customer wishes.

Sortation Software

Our sortation software does not only consist of a sortation algorithm. We can control any related system. For example:

  • Automatic barcode readers or cameras for reading product barcodes.
  • Manual barcode scanners for reading barcodes of boxes and stations.
  • RFID antenna’s to automatically detect articles.
  • Volume scanners on conveyor systems or measuring volumes directly in a tray.
  • Weighing systems to verify weights of boxes coming from sorting machine.

Functionality of our Standard Sortation Software:

  • Multilingual user interfaces.
  • Choice of various kinds of sortation algorithms.
  • Operator displays at induction points.
  • Box volume optimisation.
  • Management control; changing an individual SKU or manipulation of the content of the batch.
  • Standard progress information; totals sorted and to sort, utilization, articles per hour per induction point.
  • SCADA system; detailed information about the status of the machine.
  • Reporting to the ERP or WMS; box content data and shortage information.
  • Mechanical maintenance information; statistic around faulty trays and stations.
  • Possibilities to show live management information on systems within the customer’s private network and portable equipment (like a tablet).

Sending / Dispatching

Besides sortation software, we can completely arrange the steering and management of the dispatching process, a standard procedure is as follows:

  • Automatically scanning boxes.
  • The ability to scan a box manually if something went wrong.
  • Automatic shipping-label printing.
  • Automatically close and duct-tape boxes.

Management information

Especially for management and supervisors we offer detailed management information and data. The data can be displayed via web-browser and not only on the local computer screen but also via any other computer or tablet connected to the internal network. Information can be as follows:

  • Total products, either per hour or/and per input-station.
  • Total amount of full boxes per hour.
  • The production capacity of the machine against the number of processed items per input-station.
  • Overview of the amount of full stations during a chosen time-window.
  • Current problems or errors in the installation.

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