Sort to light

Sort-to-light (put-to-light) is a technique to simplify the sorting process. The goal is to reduce walking distances. Lights on the module inform the operator where to place an article. Optionally, the module can be equipped with a display to show how many units have to be sorted out.

An example of an application;

After order picking, items must be sorted per customer. The operator scans the item, a lit lamp then indicates the correct location assigned to the customer.

  • Low costs, short payback period.
  • Flexible, scalable, expandable.
  • Easy, efficient.
  • Accurate, registration of manco's.

Together with your organization, we look for the right method to optimize sorting processes. We can integrate the sort-to-light solution with an existing WMS or ERP system.

Sort-to-light can be applied to existing shelving or cabinets. Anew wall or frame can also be made.

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