Keeping balance, a life’s art
How do you keep yourself in balance in this busy and confusing time?
Dealing with yourself, your relations and your work can be very inspiring, but also confronting and rarely without stress. The StressChecker Mobile App offers a solution.


With the StressChecker Mobile App you can look for a personal lifestyle -your own way of living, thinking and doing- that really fits you, the app considers the influence of your genes, education and thinking habits.
StressChecker provides you with a detailed summery on how to deal with your daily health and welfare. You will be invited to make your (life)goals clear and to focus on accomplishing them.
The confrontation with yourself will contribute to a realistic self-image. Depending on accepting that self-image, the stress reactions will decrease and you will succeed and go forward on living your life relaxingly.

Feeling Threatened and stress reactions

When you feel threatened, your body reacts immediately by producing stress hormones that will put your body in a sharp state. You don’t feel threatened only when your physical existence is in danger, but also when you are being challenged mentally or emotionally, or confronted about your way of thinking, or with an inner awareness that you cannot cope with life. In this society being threatened happens frequently and so stress reactions as well.

No stress by lifestyle changes

You can prevent and treat stress by dealing differently with your body and mind and the way you think, by feeding and movement, dealing with emotions, communicating with your social contacts, and balancing your rational and intuitive sides. However, you will (maybe with the help of others) have to find out what is the best way for you to create more balance and satisfaction in your life.

Left-right brain sides and making sense

To live a fulfilled life, you need to use your both brain halves in the way they are good at.
By the emphasis in the Western society on the left brain side (ratio), we rarely use the abilities from the right site of our brain (intuition, creativity). The left side of our brains likes to work with what’s already there, but with the risk that you end up spinning in circles.

You can use the right side of your brain to find your life’s goal and think of creative solutions for life’s challenges, then can your left brain side determine the steps to get there.