The Hospitalitist – Talent Profiling System – (TAPS)

The Hospitalitist offers –next to advice and tools in the field of human resources- a platform for young people who want to develop themselves in Hospitality in the form of flexible jobs, and –with training and directing- help them to reach their full potential.

Hexapole Automatisering stepped in to help by developing a software package, the Talent Profiling Systems (TAPS).

The Hospitalitist using their talents target a specific group and support it, using feedback, trainings and directions they can pin-point the good characteristics and the ones that could use support. Trainings shed light on hospitality, Etiquette, self-reflection, communication, they even organize trainings for wine and coffee for example.

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Phase System

Because development goes together with (personal) growth, The Hospitalitist found it’s very important to structuralize this growth. The client works within a phase system, each phase brings a new prospective, bigger responsibility. Entering a new phase in its own is a promotion provided by The Hospitalitist based on feedback from partners, other clients, and the performance of the client himself.
To achieve that, the motivations, interests and talents that make each person unique are analyzed before they get to work.


To build TAPS, Hexapole developed a unique talents profiling system. With this system the data is analyzed so that the personal development can be viewed.

To develop this package Hexapole used the latest programming techniques, e.g:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Entity Framework

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