Sorting Systems

Your company is expanding and thriving. The amount of orders increases, and the assortment is becoming increasingly extensive. Moreover, e-commerce and returns give rise to new product flows. Sorting, all of a sudden, proves to be a vital process. Yet how do you do this as accurately and efficiently as possible? Hexapole Sorting Systems has the solution. Having specialised in developing and building custom sorting systems and related products since 1994, we know exactly what your company needs to get the work done as smoothly as possible.

Sorting garments

Specifically for fashion stores, Hexapole Sorting Systems has developed the Hexapole Standard Sorting Software. The machine will immediately sort the garments into batches that are subsequently prepared for shipping to the correct receiver, for example a specific store. As a result of this way of working, cross-docking, a large part of the storage room will no longer be used, which makes it very efficient. The Sorting Software is also capable of sorting returns in a flexible manner, for instance according to product group, SKU of stock position. Contrary to what the name might suggest, this Standard Software can be configured completely according to your wishes.

Sorting hanging garments

For sorting hanging garments, Hexapole Sorting Systems has developed the Hanging Garments Sorter (HGS), a machine that is also very suitable to sort curtains. This advanced system can sort between 6,000 and 12,000 articles per hour, and will do this very accurately. Due to special modules that can, for instance, process articles that have been returned , the system is very user-friendly and time-saving. More importantly, it is also cost-saving, partly because the Hexapole Sorting System hardly requires maintenance. The software module that Hexapole has developed specifically for sorting hanging garments ensures that garments are recognized automatically already inside the machine. This makes manual scanning of individual garments redundant.

Sorting books

Also for sorting books, Hexapole has the right custom solution. The Hexapole Standard Book Sorting Software supports your sorter with a module for dynamically assigning orders to destinations, called dynamic allocation. This means that orders will be assigned at the exact moment that the first book of the order is inserted into the machine. Calculating the contents of each box beforehand is also something that is no longer required: the boxes will be filled until a certain predetermined volume has been reached. As soon as a box is full, a subsequent drop-off destination is automatically added to the same order. Hexapole’s Book Sorting Software is used successfully all over the world.

Sorting postal packages

A large UK-based package carrier is one of Hexapole’s customers for whom we have been looking after the sorting of thousands of packages a day, which due to our flat sorter are effortlessly distributed to every postcode area in England, Ireland and the Channel Islands. The size and shape of the packages does not matter. The dimensions of packages tends to decrease due to the increase of the amount of web shops. A package from an e-commerce order usually contains a maximum of a couple of products only. In order to detect these packages, a couple of years ago Hexapole developed its unique Hadi Product Detection System, which can be used with any existing flat tray or tilt tray sorter.

Software and service

Not only do we develop ready-made sorters, we also develop custom operating software, clear and user-friendly displays, communication with the ERP or WMS systems, and control of the machine itself through a PLC. Moreover, our machines and the accompanying software is delivered with a full service contract, which means that we are always available to provide support.

Sorting with Hexapole

Would you like to know more about how we can help your company as far as sorting is concerned? Contact us at +31 (0)251 21 24 84 (landline). We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.