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Hexapole Automatisering has offered companies creative solutions and technical support for 25 years, and with great pleasure. Always custom-made, often for fixed fees, and always with fair agreements. Do you wish to outsource your company’s automation process from start to finish? Hexapole will take care of it.
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Custom ICT, from software to Cloud solution

Are you looking for a suitable software solution, for help with the implementation of Cloud solutions or an ICT network administrator who ensures that you do not have to worry about everything that has to do with hardware and software? Hexapole is the right place to come to in these cases, too. We would be very pleased to meet, and discuss show we can be of service to your company.

Custom software

A desktop application, a web application or an app? Hexapole makes it!

ICT Management

Promote collaboration and protect the heart of your company with our managed ICT services

Sorting systems

Accurate and efficient sorting with tailor-made sorting systems

Industrial Automation

Design, build and implement control and automation systems.

Our strength

For us, our relationships are central. We know every company we work for and know their specific wishes. Because of the warm customer contact, many relationships have already lasted for years. Our strength is our employees. These professionals continuously take training courses and therefore have up-to-date information about the most modern techniques and solutions available in the market. They listen to you, as a partner, have an eye for detail and are always able to find a creative solution that matches your wishes perfectly.


Hexapole was established in 1994 by six automation professionals, who immediately caused the company to experience a spectacular development. 10 years later, Hexapole employed 35 people and was managed by three partners, and the company had a second branch in Luxembourg, which was soon made independent. Cees Brockhus was the last of the representatives of the original management team to retire at the end of 2017. Cees Brockhus had by that time been seconded for quite some time to Tata Steel, and Bas Bloemink had joined Hexapole as a programmer. Bas’ ambition was noticed; he became project leader, and eventually turned out to the dreamed-of successor of Mr. Brockhus.

From an app to a Container Management System

Developing solutions for specific software issues has become Hexapole’s core business over the course of its 25-year existence. We do this for unique customers, like the Canadian dyslexia programme Great Word House, but also for large international players such as blast furnace automation company Danieli Corus. Hexapole has, thanks to its sorting systems for clothes, books and packages, counting machines, and its advanced Container Management System, also expanded into a remarkable logistics specialist, for example in e-commerce, the agricultural sector, and waste collection.

Let’s get around the table

Hexapole would also like to make an effort for your company. Check out our website for more information about our services, and do contact us if you have questions at +31 (0) 251 212 484 (landline). We would be pleased to get around the table with you to discuss how we can help your company.