Custom made software

A desktop application, a web application or an app? Or maybe a combination of all three? Hexapole has been developing for almost 25 years user-friendly and custom software.

Together with you we would be pleased to look at which software solutions would be most suitable for your company. This process begins with a good cup of coffee followed by sitting around the table to discuss your wishes. Subsequently we will get to work in order to develop beautiful products for you. Thereby we will transform your ideas into software that is easy to use, works perfectly and looks sleek.

Custom made software - A desktop application, a web application or an app

Our strength

MMaybe the above-mentioned terminology does not mean a thing to you. Applications? Apps? No idea! For us it is important that we learn to understand each other’s world. We need to understand yours, in order for us to develop software that fits your company perfectly, but you will also need to have some understanding of our world, so that you know exactly what you and your customers will be using once it is finished. How does software actually work, what are the possibilities and what are the limitations? Our strength is that we are good listeners, and that we are good at understanding the thinking and working work processes that you are involved in every day, so that we can subsequently translate these from ideas into clear and user-friendly software.

Custom made app development

From steel to athletes

Hexapole develops different kinds of custom software such as desktop applications, web applications and apps, with the accompanying necessary databases. This we do for both small and large companies, and both locally and internationally. A number of examples of custom software that we have recently delivered are the following:

  • Great Word House: in collaboration with a Canadian professor, specialised in dyslexia issues, we have built an application with which teachers can generate dynamic, individual-pupil focused, English teaching packages.
  • Steel plants: for Danieli Corus we have automated on of the processes within the overall steel production process. In the meantime, our software is running in multiple steel plants in China.
  • MyPerfectCoach: HjzSport is a company that coaches and counsels top athletes and professional coaches. In collaboration with HjzSport we have developed a platform that allows both the coach and the athlete to plan and monitor training sessions.

These examples are just a small illustration of the software solutions that we provide. Please check out our Software References for an extensive number of examples of custom software that we have realised for various customers.

Container Management System

Efficiency for waste collectors and residents
The Container Management System from Hexapole takes waste collection from underground and collection containers to the next level. To this end, we develop and implement a tailor-made Container Management System (CMS) that optimizes all steps in waste collection, from return by residents to technical maintenance of the containers. This saves the organization time and costs and facilitates the citizen.

Our experts

During the development of your app, desktop or web application we will keep you posted, and we will provide you with easy to understand information and advice. This will make it easier for you to make the right decisions. Our team of certified application developers will build your web application using state-of-the-art technology, and they can make it as flexible as you want it to be. It is, for instance, very easy to connect them to existing web applications or databases. Moreover, Hexapole collaborates with graphic designers, so that the applications do not only function outstandingly and are user-friendly, but they look good, too. The appearance can also be modified to match your house style if so desired.

Custom software from Hexapole

Curious about what Hexapole can do for you? Please contact us without obligation on +3172 303 40 50. We would be happy to sit down with you to take the first steps towards a tailor-made software solution.