Sorting Collis

Automatically sorting collis; the wholesale trade has used automated processes for sorting incoming pallets with collis, or for automating the order picking process for years. For sorting collis, the Order Release Module (ORM) of Dynamic Logistic Systems (DLS) is highly suitable.

Parcels Sorting

High capacity


Compact construction


Low energy consumption


Dynamic application of buffer locations


Low maintenance costs

Sorting Collis using the ORM

The ORM is a fully automatic order picking system for articles in cartons, crates, boxes, trays, etc. Buffering and sorting is combined in one system with an unprecedented output speed (which is much higher than, for instance, miniload or shuttle systems), and which also has a very compact construction. In an ORM, articles are buffered temporarily on Friction-Drive™ roller conveyors. Each Friction-Drive™ roller conveyor is equipped with a stopper/dispensing unit (the dispenser) with which the articles can be dispensed at high speed in any desired order and quantity to one or more palletizers or roller container stackers.
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Sorting collis, the advantages

The ORM distinguishes itself, among others, as follows from other full-case order picking systems:

  • High capacity (5,000-8,000 collis/hour depending on ORM configuration).
  • Compact construction (20 – 30% space saving compared to miniload or shuttle systems).
  • Low energy consumption (amongst others due to patented drive concept with very few drives).
  • Dynamic application of buffer locations. All belts are identical and suitable for articles with a large variety of packaging formats and weights.
  • Very low maintenance costs. (Annual maintenance is less than 1% of the investment costs).
  • Output process and replenishment process run simultaneously and independent of each other.


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