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IT & Automation

Hexapole B.V. has been offering companies creative IT solutions and technical support of the highest level for 25 years. We use the technologies of tomorrow and make IT & automation surprisingly effective. Our customer relationships are open, honest and personal. With a wide range of disciplines, we always find the most suitable solution.

What we do

We support your organization with our services, from advice to implementation and from management to innovation.
We offer a wide range of solutions and services, with which we respond to every IT question.

Custom Software

A desktop application, a web application or an app? Hexapole makes it!

ICT Management

Promote collaboration and protect the heart of your company with our managed ICT services

Sorting systems

Accurate and efficient sorting with tailor-made sorting systems

Industrial Automation

Design, build and implement control and automation systems.

Our strength

Hexapole Automatisering has been happily offering companies creative solutions and technical support for 25 years. Always tailor-made, often for fixed amounts and with good agreements. Want to outsource your automation process from start to finish? Hexapole takes care of it. Looking for a suitable software solution, need help with the implementation of Cloud solutions or need an IT network manager who ensures that you no longer have to worry about everything related to hardware and software? Then you have also come to the right place at Hexapole. We would be happy to sit down with you to see what we can do for your company.

Our relationships are central to us. We know every company we work with and what their specific wishes are. The warm customer contact ensures that many relationships have existed for years. Our strength is our employees. These professionals continuously undergo training and are therefore aware of the most modern techniques and solutions. They listen to you, as a partner, have an eye for detail and always know how to find a creative solution that exactly suits your wishes.

Custom software Hexapole

User-friendly software
Custom software from Hexapole

Hexapole has been making user-friendly and appropriate custom software for almost 25 years. We would be happy to work with you to determine which software solutions best suit your company. That starts with a cup of coffee, sitting around the table together to discuss what your wishes are. We then get to work developing great products for you. We convert your ideas into software that is easy to use, works excellently and looks sleek. Hexapole develops various types of custom software such as desktop applications, web applications, container management systems and apps, with the associated necessary databases. We do this for both small and large companies, national and international. During the development of your app, desktop or web application, we will keep you informed and provide you with information and advice in understandable language. This makes it easy for you to make the right choices. Our team of certified application developers build your web application according to the most modern techniques, and can make it as flexible as you want: this makes it easy to link to existing web applications or databases.

Flexible, safe & working undisturbed
Managed ICT from Hexapole

As a Managed IT provider for small and medium-sized businesses, we take care of all your IT concerns. With our extensive services, ranging from complete maintenance and management to support of ICT environments, you are no longer alone.

With our Network Management and Server Management we protect the heart of your company. Being able to work undisturbed and safely, anytime and anywhere! If you need a new telephone exchange, choose VoIP Telephony from Hexapole. The big advantage is that it offers more functionality for less money. Want to work from any device with internet access? With a Hosted Workplace this is now possible! You can work (collaborate) anytime and anywhere with our Microsoft 365 solution.

Use the possibilities of ICT in a better, smarter and more efficient way? Choose the Managed ICT services from Hexapole!

Managed ICT - worry-free ICT management
Sorting systems Hexapole

Accurate and efficient sorting
Sorting systems from Hexapole

Your company is growing, the number of orders and the range is increasing. New flows of goods are created by e-commerce and returns. Being able to sort accurately and efficiently is of great importance. Hexapole Sorting Systems has specialized in custom development and construction of sorting systems and related products since 1994.  We work for various customers throughout Europe and develop sorting systems for, among others: Mail and packages, packages, clothing, books and order picking. Hexapole Sorting Systems is based in the Netherlands and has its headquarters in Alkmaar.

Reliable automation
Industrial automation from Hexapole

With around 30 years of experience, Hexapole is your full-fledged partner in the field of industrial automation.

PLC Engineering
In the industrial sector, machines are often controlled with PLCs, Programmable Logic Controllers. If there are capacity problems or a lack of specific knowledge, we are happy to advise you in the field of industrial automation.

24/7 Support
If you choose Hexapole as your full partner in the field of industrial automation, you can choose our breakdown and support service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles – AIV