A cobot or collaborative robot is a robot that is intended to work together with people in a communal working environment. A cobot therefore differs from other robots, which are designed to operate independently or with limited guidance.

A cobot or collaborative robot is a robot that is intended to work together with people in a common working environment

Work safely with cobots

The main advantage of cobots, or collaborative robots, is their ability to work safely with people. Unlike traditional industrial robots, which often work in enclosed spaces and are physically separated from human workers, cobots are designed to work side by side with humans

Applicable applications for cobots

Cobots are of great value in a variety of applications:

  • Assembly: Cobots can improve the throughput and consistency of repetitive or complex assembly tasks, together with humans.
  • Mobile Manipulation: This robotics solution, in which a cobot is mounted on a mobile robot, not only automates the transport of goods, but also complicated order picking.
  • Palletizing: Space-saving cobots can streamline the stacking of boxes on a pallet. Built-in vision allows crates to be sorted by barcode or other visual indicators.
  • Packaging: Cobots can inspect and sort products before they are put into crates. Customers can quickly adapt production lines to new products.
  • Pick and Place with Inspection: Cobots have a built-in vision system that makes it easy to pick and place, along with advanced inspection.
  • Screwdriving: Cobots add precision and consistency to your screwdriving and part-fastening applications

Cobots with a built-in vision system

How can cobots help improve quality and traceability in production? For example, smart and easy-to-use vision systems allow you to incorporate barcode reading and quality control into their duties on a production line.

Cobot Safety

Cobots and safety systems

Harmony between man and machine requires the highest safety standards. The cobots are designed to promote a safer workplace. A successful cobot application therefore contains safety systems based on extensive risk assessments. Taking into account safety standards and solutions, the safety systems ensure that people and machines can be together in one space.

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