Proudly Introducing: The DLS Dispatch Buffer – Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment!

In the dynamic world of online order fulfillment, where speed and accuracy are paramount, Dynamic Logistic Systems B.V. and Hexapole Sorting Systems BV have introduced a groundbreaking solution: the DLS Dispatch Buffer (DDB). This innovation is a game-changer in efficiently sorting orders, designed to address the challenges of sorting bins or boxes by route and in the desired sequence.

The DLS Dispatch Buffer stands out for its compact design, enabling space-efficient sorting. With advanced technologies such as Friction Drive and seamless integration with DLS sequencers, the DDB offers flexibility and reliability in the order picking process. With successful implementations across various online retailers, the DLS Dispatch Buffer proves its value by elevating operational efficiency to a new level.

We are proud of this achievement and invite you to discover how the DLS Dispatch Buffer can transform your order fulfillment process. Read more about our shipping buffer here.. For more information, please contact us and make a difference in the world of online retail.