AIV robots

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV’s) are increasingly being integrated by companies into their organization for transporting products. The latest generation of mobile robots (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles – AIV) moves itself autonomously through a space, even if there are constant movements of forklifts and people. It is a method to work faster, more error-free and cheaper.

AIV - Autonomous intelligent vehicle

There is no need to pre-program the path.


Self-mapping with on-board PC.

Faster & more flawlessly workflow

The use of AIVs in industrial automation contributes to the continued evolution of automated processes in manufacturing and logistics sectors, with the aim of improving efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

AIV’s in industrial automation

Some features and applications of AIV in industrial automation are:

  • Autonomous navigation: AIV’s use sensors such as lidar, cameras and other sensing technologies to scan and navigate their environment without human intervention. They can avoid obstacles, plan routes and adapt to changes in their environment.
  • Material Handling: AIV’ss are often used to transport goods and materials within factories, warehouses or logistics centers. They can autonomously collect, move and deliver materials to predetermined locations.
  • Flexibility and scalability: AIV’s zijn ontworpen om flexibel te zijn en gemakkelijk te integreren in bestaande productie- of logistieke processen. Ze kunnen ook schaalbaar worden ingezet, wat betekent dat het aantal autonome voertuigen kan worden aangepast aan de behoeften van het bedrijf.
  • Increased efficiency: By deploying autonomous vehicles, companies can improve the efficiency of their internal logistics. AIV’s can operate continuously, leading to increased productivity and faster throughput of materials.
  • Safety: AIV’s are designed with safety features, such as obstacle detection and avoidance technologies, to minimize collisions and accidents. They can also be integrated with other automation systems to ensure a safe working environment.
AIV Robot

AIV Mobile robots

AIV’s are ideally suited for the automatic transport of products and do not require special, costly and time-consuming adjustments to the infrastructure. AIV’s drive autonomously through space without a track. Throughput speed is increased and employees can focus on activities that require human skills.

Opportunities & advantages:

  • It is not necessary to program the path in advance.
  • Locates itself with on-board PC.

Enterprise Manager is a network application that ensures coordination of mobile robots while providing traceability, load balancing and traffic control for the entire fleet.