Container Management System

The Container Management System from Hexapole takes waste collection from underground and collection containers to the next level. To this end, we develop and implement a tailor-made Container Management System (CMS) that optimizes all steps in waste collection, from return by residents to technical maintenance of the containers. This saves the organization time and costs and facilitates the citizen.

Parcels Sorting

Notification if containers are (almost) full or malfunctioning


Fewer driving movements required


Savings on fuel, CO2 and particulate matter


Targeted information through customer service


Repair and maintenance can be planned immediately


Higher quality in the separation of waste flows

Ease of use for the entire organization

Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, the Container Management System is tailored exactly to the company’s work process. It is important to know that we do not impose a way of working. In consultation, we will set up the system the way you wish, with a user-friendly dashboard for everyone who works with it. Think of reception, customer service, planning, drivers and maintenance engineers.

By loading information from the management system of the underground containers themselves, combining this with static schedules and (filling level) sensor information, a daily planning can be made for collection.

Benefits to residents


Never go to the waste container for nothing


Waste separation becomes more attractive


Less nuisance from added waste


Less litter and vermin

Extra module ‘Check your container’

A module can be built into our management system that provides citizens with even better information about the availability of waste containers. To this end, we make some of the system publicly accessible. Via ‘Check your container’, residents can check online whether their residual waste container is full and when it will be emptied. They can also see when containers for plastic, paper, glass, etc. are next. In this way, annoyance (and possible waste dumping) is prevented.

All systems linked at ICT level

A container landscape can consist of multiple containers and sensors from different suppliers, each with their own processes. Hexapole’s container management system consists of a standardized core that is tailor-made for each company. Our system acts as a shell over existing systems and brings them together. This creates one streamlined, integrated system. Thanks to a clear online platform, all technical data and maintenance history of each container can be easily viewed at any time.

Management of shipping containers

We develop special modules for transport containers that optimize processes. If there are many movements between different locations, it is important to gain insight into the location of the containers. Tracking of shipping containers can take place via RFID tags or GPS systems. These systems can be linked to the CMS so that the current container location is displayed in the dashboard.

Also a suitable Container Management System?

Curious about Hexapole’s Container Management System? The price of which is considered very reasonable by our users? Please contact us without obligation on 072 – 303 40 50.

There is so much more to say in terms of content. We would be happy to sit down with you to see what we can do for your organization. We can quickly and easily provide insight into all the possibilities through a demo of the system.