Hexapole and DLS join forces

A year and a half ago, Hexapole Sorting Systems cooperated for the first time with DLS from Doetinchem, a specialist in the development of automated order picking systems and roller conveyors. Software meets hardware. Two companies with each over twenty years of experience in industrial logistics. Sjoerd Otten from DLS talks about this successful and promising match.

Interesting alternative for system integrators

The first shared client of Hexapole and DLS was logistics service provider ViaEurope, with an e-hub in Amsterdam. The co-creation of the two partners worked out to full satisfaction. Certainly also for end-user ViaEurope. Of course, DLS more often deals with software suppliers in this type of logistics projects. A system integrator usually acts as the main contractor, who is responsible for the entire process including software development. However, not every organization wants to work with a system integrator. The collaboration between DLS and Hexapole was interesting enough for ViaEurope to opt for a different approach.

Solving logistical puzzles

Wholesale company EDCO from Deurne in Brabant also struggled with a logistical issue that needed to be solved. They approached DLS in 2018 with the question whether the DLS / Hexapole tandem could also solve a similar logistical puzzle for EDCO? To make a long story short: the contracts have now been signed and both DLS and Hexapole have carried out the first steps in the project. The end product is expected to be delivered to EDCO in mid-2020.

Two areas of expertise, one solution

In the EDCO project, both DLS and Hexapole can fully excel in their field. DLS provides the engineering and the complete mechanics. The customized software comes from Hexapole, and on two levels: machine control (level 1) and the overlaying software with business rules and database (level 2). And those specific expertises ultimately result in one joint end solution. EDCO has taken on the integrator role itself, with DLS and Hexapole both making extra efforts to support EDCO.

Trust and sharing responsibilities

The special collaboration between Hexapole and DLS is based on increased trust, flexibility and the willingness to look beyond one’s own scope. It clicks, and that is crucial. The responsibility for this entire project is shared, as well by the customer. Clear agreements have been made. The unique combination and division of roles ensures that such a complex project can be carried out without a separate integrator. A good example of doing business with vision and commitment. And a bit of guts.