How mobile robots put Hexapole to work

More and more companies and institutions are seeing the benefits and are integrating mobile robots into their organization. From a business point of view understandable. It is a method to work faster, error-free and cheaper. The newest generation mobile robot (Automated Intelligent Vehicles – AIV) moves autonomously through spaces, even when there are constant movements of forklifts and people.

AIVs are pre-eminently suitable for the automatic transport of products and do not require special, expensive and time-consuming adjustments to the infrastructure. The throughput speed is increased and employees can focus on work that requires human skills. Also curious about what Hexapole in collaboration with Boikon will do with Omron AIVs? Keep an eye on our social media channels.

Do you want to know if the Omron AIVs can also be of interest to your company?

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[BOIKON  Mobile robotization  on the rise  HE"APOLE  SORTING SYSTEMS BV  Sorting  Systems]

BOIKON Mobile robotization on the rise  HE”APOLE  SORTING SYSTEMS BV  Sorting  Systems]