Garments Sorting

The clothing industry has lately been subjected to significant changes. Inventories in shops have almost disappeared and also in the distribution centers only a small percentage of the new collection is being stored. This means that the received goods are directly used to fulfill orders of a batch instead of going to stock, in other words: cross-docking.

Goods are, directly after being received from the supplier, led into the Garment Sorting System where they are sorted to individual branches. A percentage of the received goods, which are not assigned to branches, can directly be sorted to their related stock position.

The Hexapole Standard Sorting Software is flexible and can easily be configured to fulfill the process of cross-docking.

Also a complex process like automated sorting of returned goods is more and more common requested functionality. The Hexapole Standard Sorting Software can be used to sort returned goods according to product group, SKU or stock position.

Our Hexapole Standard Sorting Software is, despite to its name, open for user specific customer demands. Meaning, when required, additional functionality can be created and added to the standard modules. The software consists of a solid basis, originated by almost 25 years of experience. This basis can be expanded with customer specific sorting algorithms. Also the communication with the higher-level ERP or WMS system can be arranged according customer wishes.

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