Parcels Sorting

Parcels sorting, in recent years, partly because of the increase in webshops, the market for parcels sorting and distribution has increased tremendously. For many years, Hexapole has taken care of sorting thousands of parcels every day for a large delivery service company in the United Kingdom. These parcels are sorted over all possible postcode areas in the United Kindom, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Parcels Sorting

For sorting parcels, Hexapole uses a flat sorter (also known as a bomb-bay sorter). Such a sorter is being used for automatically sorting small to medium sized and relative light parcels. The parcels being sorted arrive in a large flow, originated from many sources and come in many shapes and sizes. The parcels are either inserted manually into the trays or inserted through an automatic infeed belt. As soon as the tray is located over the related postcode area, the tray is opened and the parcel is dropped in a chute or tote.

Small Parcels Sorting

With the increasing number of e-commerce orders also the number of small sized parcels has increased. A parcel for an e-commerce order often contains just little or a single product. To be able to detect these smaller sized parcels, in 2015 Hexapole has provided these parcel sorting systems with our unique Hadi® Product Detection System. This system is able to detect items as small as 2x2cm and can be applied to any existing flat or tilt tray sorting system.
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