Hanging Garments

Especially for hanging garments Hexapole, entirely in-house, developed our Hanging Garments Sorter (HGS). The HGS system employs the most advanced and modern technology and has proven its reliability time and again over the past several years.

Hangende kleding sorteren

Investment recouped in an average of 3 years


Can be fully tailored to customer specific needs


Sorting system suitable for all companies with 15 or more points of sale


Recognize individual items of clothing directly in the sorting machine

HGS – a Modular System

The HGS system is composed of multiple modules. This means that the system can be placed easily and effortlessly in unusually shaped spaces.

Conforming to Your Business

The HGS adapts itself to your specific situation largely automatically. The spacing between clothing hooks and stations has virtually no effect on the operation of the system. Small adjustments to the sorting system – for example because a station is being moved or added – are largely mechanical in nature. The software can be adjusted in a matter of minutes.

Cost Savings

By continuing to innovate, our sorting systems have become increasingly inexpensive. You can generally recoup your investment within three years.

Convince yourself! Our system is suitable for all businesses having 15 or more locations.

  • The HGS system sorts from 6,000 up to 12,000 items per hour;
  • the HGS system has special modules for the processing of returned items (e.g., to be sent back to suppliers, to redistribute over different locations, to send to storage, etc.);
  • your overhead costs will be lowered considerably; and

the HGS system requires minimal maintenance!

RFID Detection

Especially for hanging garments Hexapole developed a software module which can detect individual garments by use of a RFID chip, located in the barcode label, while these garments are transported by the sorting machine. This technique allows individual garments to be uniquely numbered and automatically detected without the need for the operator to scan each garment manually.

Our Hexapole Standard Sorting Software is, despite to its name, open for user specific modifications. Meaning, when required, additional functionality can be created and added to the standard modules. The software consists of a solid basis, originated by over 20 years of experience. This basis can be expanded with customer specific sorting algorithms. Also the communication with the overlying ERP or WMS system can be arranged according customer wishes.

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