No more walking to the waste container for nothing

At the end of August, Spaarnelanden N.V. – responsible for, among other things, waste collection, parking management and management of public space in and around Haarlem – launched a new initiative for residents. Hexapole Automatisering fulfilled the key software technical role in this.

Spaarnelanden check je container

Check availability online

Imagine: you walk with your garbage bag or crate of plastic waste to the underground waste container in your area. When you arrive there, you notice that it is full or out of use. A source of irritation, which Spaarnelanden wanted to put an end to. Residents can now check online whether their container is available. If not, you can immediately see when it will be emptied.

Customized container management system

This service is an extension of Spaarnelanden’s existing container management system, for which the complete software program was also developed by Hexapole Automatisering. It consists of a standardized core with tailor-made solutions that we built especially for Spaarnelanden.

Productive Collaboration

This extensive and well-functioning container management system is the result of the smooth cooperation between Hexapole, management and operational departments of Spaarnelanden. This includes the drivers, the maintenance team of the underground containers, planning and customer service. They can easily see which containers need to be emptied, cleaned or repaired.

Durability and ease of use

With this container management system, Spaarnelanden saves fuel and CO2 emissions, because only almost full waste containers need to be emptied. This makes it possible to plan driving routes more efficiently. In addition, the ease of use for residents has now also been optimized, for which Hexapole has made part of the system publicly accessible. You can see how this works on the Spaarnelanden site.