Hexapole can provide full software control for a large mechanization project at an import / export company in Brabant.

Optimize logistics and goods flow? Discover ORM!

A large import / export company in Brabant recently opted for the Order Release Module (ORM) from our cooperation partner DLS to further optimize the flow of goods. DLS provides the full mechanics, Hexapole supplies both the machine control (the level 1) and also the overall software layer with business rules and database (the level 2).

Order Release Module (ORM)

The Order Release Module (ORM) is a fully automatic order picking system for articles in outer boxes, crates, boxes of trays etc. Buffering and sorting is combined in one system with an unprecedented output speed and also in a very compact design. In an ORM, articles are temporarily buffered on Friction-Drive ™ roller conveyors. Every Friction-Drive™ roller conveyor is equipped with a stopper / release unit (the dispenser) with which the articles can be delivered at high speed in any desired order and quantity to one or more palletizers or roll container stackers.

Partnership DLS and Hexapole

Dynamic Logistic Systems (DLS) specializes in automated order picking systems (mixed case picking solutions, high-speed sorting systems), accumulating roller conveyor conveyors, roller conveyors for pallets or for smaller items such as boxes, trays, trays, etc. The teams of DLS and Hexapole closely collaborated in the past to automate flows of goods. A collaboration that results in short and fast communication lines, saving time and money, stacking knowledge and experience. A collaboration that we are proud of.

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