Accurate and Efficient Sortation

Your business is growing, the number of orders and the range of articles increases. Because of e-commerce and returns new kinds of flow of goods are created. Accurate and efficient sortation is of great importance.
Since 1993 Hexapole Sorting Systems is specialized in designing and manufacturing custom made sortation systems and related activities. Hexapole Sorting Systems is based in the Netherlands with a head office in Beverwijk.

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Efficiency improvement: Streamlining and optimization of processes, making the optimizations practical
Cost savings: Sorting systems lead to significant cost savings in the long term
Improved Quality and Accuracy: Sorting systems perform tasks with great precision.

Sorting systems

Hexapole Sorting Systems is specialized in custom development and construction of sorting systems and related products since 1994. Hexapole Sorting Systems is based in the Netherlands and has its headquarters in Alkmaar.

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles – AIV

Parcels and Mail Sorting

Partly due to the increase in online stores, there has been a rapidly growing market for parcel distribution in recent years. Hexapole has been sorting thousands of packages per day for a large parcel carrier in England for years.

A cobot or collaborative robot is a robot that is intended to work together with people in a common working environment

Sorting Collis

Sorting automatic packages; In the wholesale trade, automated processes have been used for years for sorting incoming pallets with packages from before automating the order collection process.
A cobot or collaborative robot is a robot that is intended to work together with people in a common working environment

Send buffer

In the fast-paced world of online order fulfillment, the variety of solutions available for efficient order picking is enormous, from pick-to-light systems to Autostores, shuttles and simple manual solutions.

Garments Sorting

Garments Sorting

The clothing industry has lately been subjected to significant changes. Inventories in shops have almost disappeared and also in the distribution centers only a small percentage of the new collection is being stored.
A cobot or collaborative robot is a robot that is intended to work together with people in a common working environment

Sorting Books

Within the book sector sorting systems have been used for years. Worldwide, for large book distribution companies, Hexapole has implemented automatic sortation solutions for optimal handling of books.

Pick to light

Pick to Light is an efficient method for improving and speeding up the order picking process.   The Pick to Light technology makes use of a signaling lamp. During the order picking process, the lamp signals the exact location where an item, or items, should be picked up.   Pick to Light creates an efficient order picking route and eliminates error, preventing the need for expensive re-processing or loss of customers.

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Sort to light

Sort-to-light (put-to-light) is a technique to simplify the sorting process. The goal is to reduce walking distances. Lights on the module inform the operator where to place an article. Optionally, the module can be equipped with a display to show how many units have to be sorted out.

An example of an application

After order picking, items must be sorted per customer. The operator scans the item, a lit lamp then indicates the correct location assigned to the customer.

  • Low costs, short payback period.
  • Flexible, scalable, expandable.
  • Easy, efficient.
  • Accurate, registration of manco’s.
Together with your organization, we look for the right method to optimize sorting processes. We can integrate the sort-to-light solution with an existing WMS or ERP system.

Sort-to-light can be applied to existing shelving or cabinets. Anew wall or frame can also be made.

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Hadi System

It’s a known issue in every sorting installation: the detection and identification of the items to be sorted.

A variety of systems addressing this problem have appeared on the market, but one system beats all the others: the Hexapole Article Detection and Identification (Hadi) System.

Hexapole developed the Hadi System specifically for products that lie flat. The system is capable of detecting items as small as 2x2cm or even partially transparent items.

The system can be placed on existing trays, and Hadi® has been known for years as a very reliable system, having an error rate of less than 0.01%!

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities in an introductory discussion. We can provide references on request.